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Shelter has always been an inherent human right and governments and other social action groups will have to do their part in securing homes for people who deserve them. While resources have always been a challenge for us, we still strive to achieve our goals every which way we can.

We start by choosing the best people for our team. We believe that highly committed individuals are our best assets. So, in order for us to accomplish projects, we invest in people who have a passion to serve a noble cause, which is to provide people with the homes they need in order to lead better lives based on a respect and an appreciation of local traditions.

That being said, we are always looking for people who are able to commit their time and energy in helping the organization with its advocacy. For this, we need people who are able to gain a full understanding on the social, cultural, and economic dimensions of sustainable housing.

Currently, we are looking for the following for our team:

Project managers

The role of project managers covers many different aspects in developing and designing project plans as well as post-construction monitoring. Candidates should have at least 5 years’ work experience preferably in the NGO sector. It is also preferable that they possess a background in civil engineering and the social sciences. Lastly, candidates should exhibit excellent leadership skills and are able to work under pressure.

Liaison officers

Team members with this position are tasked to coordinate with government and non-government partners, represent the organization in official events, and arrange for site visits, among other logistical and administrative work. Candidates are required to have 3 years’ work experience preferably in the NGO sector and should exhibit excellent oral and written communication skills.


The organization conduct regular research work comprising of feasibility studies and product innovation. Researchers are tasked to conduct field work, coordinate with academic organizations, and maintain knowledge resource centers that government personnel can access at any time. Aside from excellent oral and written skills, researchers are also required to have a degree in urban planning, social sciences, English, and statistics.  

Found a job that fits you?  You can contact us today so we can give you details on how to apply. Call us at 819-765-0473 or send a letter of intent to