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Loveland Habitat for Humanity started as a small non-government organization by journalist Diana Sells. Having graduated with a degree in urban planning and sociology, Diana left her colorful journalism career to pursue a persistent social problem.

It started when she assigned in Southeast Asia where she witnessed firsthand the rampant poverty that has rendered millions of people in this fast progressing region homeless. She was especially concerned with communities that are inaccessible, being located in hazard zones where the locals get their source of livelihood. It was due to this experience that Diana decided to do her part in addressing rampant poverty without impinging on the cultural and social traditions of those affected.

Using her background in the media, she was able to forge partnerships with organizations that have a similar advocacy. She also acquired the commitments of a few partners in the urban planning sector.

The challenge was for the organization to build sustainable communities that are both functional and anchored on a respect for the social, cultural, and economic traditions of the local population.

After their first home donations, Diana was able to secure donations and grants from universities and research groups that provided Loveland Habitat for Humanity a framework for the construction of its first model communities.

No doubt, the organization was able to enjoy initial successes by creating its flagship communities in the Philippines and Malaysia. From there, the organization began expanding to other areas in the region. Along the way, it was able to secure funding pledges from more donors and gained the support of the local governments that it serves. This enabled Loveland Habitat for Humanity to set up satellite offices in each country within its area of operations, with an office in Kobe, Japan serving as its headquarters.

The team

Loveland Habitat for Humanity is currently composed of the Directorate for Operations which oversees the functions of its four core divisions: Research and Development, Consultancy, Community Development, and Disaster Response. The Administrative, Finance, and Marketing Divisions serve as the organization’s main rank and file departments. Each division has their own local chapters for each country the organization is able to cover.

How to Join

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